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Simplified test order entry lets you focus on what matters. Your patients.

The oncology community recognizes the vital role that molecular testing plays in the care of patients with cancer. Moving from diagnosis to prognosis to treatment as quickly as possible is critically important. And yet in many disease states like NSCLC, a large percentage of patients are still not receiving comprehensive genomic profiling even though it is recommended by leading best practice authorities like NCCN. One reason? Getting tests done can be an administrative hassle. Too many different forms and systems. Too many errors that cause delays. Our alternative is:

Built into EMR

Finally, a single point of order entry for molecular tests.

Currently being developed in partnership with leading oncologists, Standard Molecular’s SM InterAct™ allows oncologists, other clinicians and their staffs to quickly and easily order their molecular tests from a single point embedded in their EMR: Any test. Any Lab. Any EMR.